Do you have awesome individuals on your team? Do they have great ideas and the potential to implement them? Yet sometimes for whatever reason, there is miscommunication or bumps in the road? Team coaching will support your team in communication, collaboration, and designing an action plan to achieve more than they ever thought they could. 

Ann conducting team training

When I led a volunteer Board who had the responsibility of hosting a National Conference it wasn’t always easy. Our team was full of energy, ideas, excitement, and many different styles of communication! The major benefits we had going for us? We all had the same goal in mind! To host one of the best National Conferences ever! After two years of working hard, many conversations, and late nights I’m happy to share our conference was successful, with over 2500 people attending and learning what Des Moines had to offer. 

Together everyone truly does achieve more! 

  • Does your team have a clear vision and understanding of its purpose? 
  • Would you team members benefit from learning about each other’s styles and how to work together even more effectively than they do now? 
  • Do you want to create an atmosphere of understanding and appreciation of each person and what they have to offer the team and organization?
  • Do you and your team want to increase job satisfaction? 

What is coaching and what’s my style?

Coaching is focused on developing people and supporting them in reaching their goals. Coaching provides the sustained focus that extends new behavior until it becomes a habit.

Coaches partner with clients, individual and teams, in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires and supports them in enhancing their skills to achieve their goals. 

Throughout our coaching sessions I:

  • Provide a safe space of confidentiality and non-judgment.
  • Ask powerful questions to help you and/or your team move forward to experience, achieve, and enjoy the life and goals you and your team envision.
  • Provide you with positive acknowledgement and support.

You will:

  • Unlock the answers within yourself and/or your team.
  • Create a plan for success.
  • Discover your natural gifts and talents.

Contact me and set up your complimentary coaching session. This will give us a chance to begin identifying some of the GOALS you want for yourself and your team. You can decide for yourself  if we would be a good fit to partner and work together and with your team. Let’s make things happen together.