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Workshop at Women Empowering Women Conference.

All workshop are interactive and use stories, individual and group activities. While I always have a plan, each workshop may be customized based on what your team members want and need. Practical application is very important. Participants will leave with one or more action steps so they may begin progress on their goals established in the workshop.


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Communicating with Style

Ever wonder why one person is so much easier to understand and talk to than another? Think about how more productive team members could be if they felt respected, and understood. Communicating with style focuses on helping people understand how to connect more easily in relationships. In this course we utilize the Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (The PCSI® ), a coaching tool, that examines the four PCSI styles which assists participants in developing an awareness for how these styles are expressed in the workplace. With a deeper understanding of styles, participants will learn to flex their styles as they work to communicate more effectively and respectfully with their peers, as well as, those in their personal lives.

Benefits of this workshop Include:

  • Ability to flex your style throughout conversations when coaching across styles and analyze situations you may wish to change because of new insights gained throughout the workshop.
  • Build rapport and enhance relationships with peers
  • Connect with everyone in the organization for more focused communication for understand not responding 
  • Deeper understanding and awareness of how to effectively communicate with peers and reduce misunderstandings
  • Easy to use with laser interpretation and Explore your preferred personal Coaching style
  • Fosters respect for difference
  • Gives you an advantage in understanding people
  • Highly Translatable to numerous audiences
  • Identifies and opens potential gaps for personal growth as you understand yourself (or your own) and another’s strengths and needs.

There’s a Leader in Every Seat: Creating a Coaching Culture Once Conversation at a Time

What defines leadership? How do our teams respond to the spectrum of leaders from great to ineffective? Our ability to develop and elevate our leaders is imperative to organizational success.  Imagine an environment which embraced the unique talent each team member brought to the organization, and  listened to and acknowledged every person. Imagine a culture where team effectiveness, collaboration and communication were improved and led to organizational growth. Everyone has the ability to lead and influence others. However, developing leaders is a real challenge.  We know working collaboratively in creating a coaching approach or culture in your organization where innovation is valued, learning opportunities welcomed, and achievement celebrated, everyone can experience success.

The Coaching Clinic uses the five-step Coaching Conversation Model to develop strategic coaching skills.

Benefits of this workshop Include:

  • Amplify Performance
  • Build Team Effectiveness
  • Create a Culture of Communication
  • Develop leaders of the Future
  • Engage & Retain Team Members

Insight is Everything: Dimensions of Behavior

Understanding is insight. It is the catalyst for meaningful change. The DiSC profiles provide just that; insight to one’s own behavior as well as why others behave the way they do. Participants will learn how to more efficiently work together to increase their productivity through communicating with each other more effectively. This workshop uses the Everything in the Workplace DiSC profile.

Benefits of this workshop Include:

  • Appreciate the value each person brings to the workplace
  • Better understand their own behavior
  • Communication more effectively with their peers
  • Decrease misunderstandings
  • Increase productivity
  • Identify characteristics of the four DiSC 

Meetings that Matter

Just been invited to one more meeting? Are you thinking not another meeting? Ever wonder why people sometimes dread attending meetings? Meetings take up employee’s valuable time. Most people are open to going to a meeting that is productive and accomplishes one or more goals. The challenge is developing and facilitating a meeting that matters to its participants. Meetings that Matter provides participants with a practical, hands-on approach to the development and facilitation of an effective meeting.

Benefits to participants and organizations:

Participants will be able to:

  • Answer Six questions, which lead to the development of a successful meeting
  • Build agendas that are meaningful to participants and the organization
  • Create ground rules for meetings
  • Describe the three types of meetings and when to use each
  • Engineer productive meetings
  • Facilitate a successful meeting in person or virtually

P.I.V.O.T. – People identifying Valuable Opportunities Together

What does working together and returning to the workplace look like? How will we identify and create opportunities, determine which ones to pursue, and what actions to take to accomplish those goals. How will we respond to change, make decisions and decide what really matters in our professional and personal lives? Discover how adapting a growth mindset and using a seven-step process will support you in achieving your goals.

Benefits to participants and organizations:

Participants will be able to:

  • Ask tough questions.
  • Balance priorities.
  • Change focus if needed .
  • Determine what they want to accomplish individually and as a team.
  • Develop and execute their action plan.
  • Increase productivity and focus..
  • Understand the importance of and how a growth mindset will influence their decisions.
  • Utilize a seven-step process to achieve their goals and determine where to invest their time and talent.

Productive Conflict

Are you challenged with conflict in the workplace?  Studies show that 68% of people (employees and customers) quit or leave a company because of one employee’s bad attitude.  Bad attitudes in the workplace can deteriorate morale, lower productivity, and increase costs. Learn how to address conflict and prevent it. This workshop uses the Productive Conflict DiSC profile.

Benefits to participants and organizations:

Participants will:

  • Build relationships.
  • Communicate more effectively .
  • Define conflict and resistance and recognize from where it comes.
  • Explain the sources of conflict.
  • Identify five way in which to respond and handle conflict and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Identify how conflict and negativity impacts relationships and performance.
  • Identify reasons for poor performance.
  • Regain their positive attitude.
  • Recognize and describe characteristics of a bad attitude.
  • Utilize a five-step process for dealing with a difficult attitude and improvise communicating during conflict.

The Windshield and the Rearview Mirror
(Creating Life/Work Balance)

Do your employees feel as if they’re too busy to enjoy their own life? Are you ready to support them and help them discover what’s important and how to make time for things that matter most at home and at work? The Windshield and the Rearview Mirror will provide employees with a variety of strategies which will support them in determining their priorities and how to spend their time, resulting in a new found peace of mind. Participants will learn how to transform ideas into action and enjoy a lifetime of satisfaction! This is a workshop much different from other training activities. There will be a pre-course activity to complete, as well as, group coaching offered as a part of this very interactive workshop.

Benefits to participants and organizations:

Participants will:

  • Appreciate and learn who they want to be, how they want to feel, and what they are willing to do to achieve their goals.
  • Build confidence.
  • Create a vision board depicting what they want their future to look like (visualization).
  • Celebrate successes.
  • Determine which strategies and action they will use moving forward.
  • Decide strategies to maintain which will support them in keeping their energy flowing hence keeping .their minds and bodies healthy (two-day workshop).
  • Establish goals/objectives for the next 12 months in their personal and work lives.
  • Evaluate results of their actions to date (if a two-day workshop).
  • Foster a growth mindset (one or two day workshop).
  • Identify their core values, natural gifts and talents, and purpose in life.
  • Identify what they want to achieve in their personal and professional life.
  • Identify strategies that worked and what changes still need to be made (two-day workshop).
  • Learn how training your brain and mindset can affect their actions (two-day workshop).
  • Recognize how to visualize and turn their ideas into action (two-day workshop).
  • Utilize a seven-step process to achieve their goals and determine where to invest their time and talent